Remember that feeling when you were a kid — summer vacation, you, your bike and the open road ahead? Galleria Bicycles will help you give your kids the same, happy memories.

What better place for your child to be than outdoors, exploring their world — from city streets to winding nature trails? Exploration helps children develop awareness, curiosity, and dreams. With family and friends, cycling is a great way to support this exploration. Raleigh’s Trail Bike collection offers boys and girls the opportunity to discover the unknown path, powered by youthful exuberance and boundless energy.

Every kid should have a great time riding a bike. All of Norco's kids bikes have been redesigned for a better fit, giving them better handling and making them safer. Our mission is to ensure their comfort and safety when they go out to experience the freedom that comes with that first ride.

We stock models in various sizes and frame types.  From alloy to carbon fiber, we have what you need. Stop by Galleria Bicycle today and test ride our Norco models.